Organisation Assurance

CAcert offers certificates for organisations as well as individuals.

Once an organisation is assured they can create certificates themselves with the organisation name in the certificate.

How does the Organisation Assurance work?

The organisation just sends a simple request to and ask for an Organisation Assurance. The Organisation Assurer team will then get in contact with the organisation and help the organisation to fill out the CAcert Organisation Assurance Program (COAP) form. The COAP is the actual application form and can be found on You will need a certificate to access the form.

On the COAP form the organisation gives some information about the organisation, defines the domain to be placed in the account, nominates CAcert Assurers as Organisation Administrators who are able to create certificates for the organisation.

The Organisiation Assurer will then check if the organisation exists, if the signer of the COAP is allowed to sign on behalf of the organisation, if the nominated Organisation Adminstrators fulfil the preconditions, if the domains are owned by the organisation. Once everything is approved the Organisation Assurer will create an account for the organisation.

Up to now more than 250 organisations have been assured by CAcert. You can see a list of some organisations on organisationlist